Name: Wes Norton
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Sexual Preference: Men
Country: USA
Zodiac: Doesn’t match me well

Chest: Couldn’t tell you
Height: 5’7
Weight: 220-250 off season
Hair Color: Brown (red beard)
Eye Color: Dark brown almost black
Build: Stocky/Bodybuilder
Ethnicity: White
Body Hair: Moderate with hairy legs
Circumcised: Yes
Cock Size: About 8
Pubic Hair: Yes
Kinky Attributes: Hmm. I’ve been called a cuddle monster. That’s fitting. You can use your imagination for the rest

Languages Spoken: English

About My Show:
Currently 25 years old living in Southern Texas. I started training to compete when I was 18 years old living in a barn in Virginia. I did my first show at 20 years old, won 3 divisions and the overall title. At 22 years old I qualified to turn pro, and won the second pro show I competed in at 22. That year and the following, I was getting more offers to guest pose than I could accept and have time to prepare for. I placed 7th at the global cup at 22, and at 23 I placed 6th at the Yorton Cup World Title in the pro division.

Personal bio: Most of the time you’ll find me in the gym, or at home outside with the dog. I’m not a big social scene person. I much prefer to be in the gym, taking my aggressions and anxieties out on the gym equipment. I train for hours at a time, most days of the week when my body allows. I have a very strong, almost neurotic obsession with putting on muscle and going as far in the sport as quickly as I can. I would rather be in the gym or eating my meals in peace over a party or gathering any day. I’ve had people in the gym tell me they were nervous for a while to come up to me, but despite the often aggressive lifting and often loud grunting, I tend to be a very relaxed, nonjudgmental person.

After a good bit of thought and sleeping on it, I’m giving this approach for some extra income a try. I certainly could use some more income, and we know this sport is not an NFL/NBA for income. That said, if it’s not something I think is of quality, I won’t upload it to have it considered for purchase, or without first telling you what it is.

What Turns Me On: A lot

My Expertise: I'm a big cuddle bear